If you are interested in stocking Cocoa & cane traybake products please contact PHILLY O'BRIEN to request samples and the pricelist information.


We are a very small team and all orders are made from scratch each week. due to our size and the fact that everything is completely homemade we work to a very precise schedule, for baking.

AS SUCH we require each week's order in by the latest of 9am monday morning for that week to begin baking on monday morning. orders are collected via apc for next day courier delivery, which takes place either on thursday or friday, depending on how busy we have been each week.


please see below for SOME OF OUR products

billionaire brownie.jpg
Billionaire Brownie
moist, cakey chocolate brownie, filled with belgian chocolate chunks. layered with homemade creamy salted caramel, topped with belgian chocolate..
triple choc crumble truffle biscuit.JPG
Crumble truffle biscuit
this is a pure cocoa & cane creation; homemade chocolate shortbread, layered with a smooth, lightly salted belgian chocolate truffle, topped with chocolate melded bourbon biscuits. this is for diehard chocoholics!
Bakewell slice.jpg
Bakewell slice
our version of the bakewell slice is a buttery homemade shortbread, with raspberry jam, and a, light, moist frangpani sponge, topped with flaked almonds. unbeliebably light and moreish, and incredibly popular
mother of all brownies.JPG
Mother of all brownies
decadent, fudgy Belgian chocolate brownie, filled with Belgian chocolate chuinks. topped with feathered belgian chocolate.
cinnamon apple crumble blondie.jpg
cinnamon apple crumble blondie
moist, pleasingly cinnamony and salty blondie, packed with granny smith apple chunks, topped with crunchy cinnamon crumble
Rocky Road.jpg
Giant rocky road
we've kept this classic simple, but chunky; giant marshmallows and digestive biscuits are crammed in, covered with deep belgian chocolate
Salted Caramel Pecan Poke Brownie.jpg
Salted caramel pecan poke brownie
The Mother of all brownies, which we have poked holes throughout so that when we add the rich, velvety salted caramel it oozes into the holes for a very decadent brownie experience. topped with chopped pecans and Belgian chocolate
choc pecan pie.JPG
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Buttery shortbread base with an incredibly fudgy Belgian chocolate brownie centre, topped with our dark brown sugar chewy caramel and pecans
Peanut Butter Biscuit Brownie.jpg
peanut butter biscuit brownie
the mother of all brownie base, with a chunky peanut butter biscuit fudge, topped with feathered belgian chocolate 
millionaire shortbread.jpg
Millionaire shortbread
a quality, homemade classic; buttery homemade shortbread, layered with creamy salted caramel, topped with feathered belgian chocolate.
Baileys brownie
Christmas special
a moist, cakey brownie with a pleasingly rich baileys buttercream, topped with belgian chocolate
choc orange.JPG
Chocolate orange billionaire shortbread
Christmas special
Chocolate shortbread base with our creamy caramel centre, topped with Terry's chocolate orange, marbled with orange white chocolate
Cinnamon & pistachio crumb blondie
Christmas special
This fabulously festive traybake is a fudgy cinnamon and white chocolate blondie, topped with cream cheese frosting, topped with a pistachio crumb.